Senin, 18 April 2011

The Green Transformer - A solar powered device that extracts bio-oil from algae!


Some people would construct magnificent solar panels to make use of our effulgent solar energy, some people would design state-of-the-art wind turbines for harnessing our precious wind energy, and some people would contrive of ingenious, practical yet not so pompous ways of getting our fair share of renewable energy, pretty conveniently from our backyard muck! Well the Green Transformer is such device that clearly belongs to the latter category.


Adroitly conceived by industrial designers Yi Liu, Jiang Yu-ning and Luo Jing, the green transformer is basically a rotating and floating device, juiced up by the clean solar power. It combines algae with a chemical additive, and extracts bio-oil on the very spot where it is used. The resultant extracted oil can be stored in a separate chamber making it easy for us to collect. So fundamentally this facile contraption makes use of green energy to produce more green energy with zero net pollution.


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